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Eating for fat loss does not have to be all doom and gloom - counting calories, living on chicken breast and broccoli, eliminating your favourite foods and becoming anti-social. Healthy nutrition involves eating from all 5 food groups, portion control AND being able to enjoy many of the foods or drinks you love! Here we will outline some tips to help you on your healthy lifestyle journey.


1) SLOW DOWN! - Everybody is so time poor these days that when it comes to eating our meals, we often wolf them down as quickly as we can. This doesn't give the stretch receptors in our stomachs time to communicate with our brains to let us know that we are full. Slow down when you eat by doing something in between bites such as sipping water or having a chat.

2) Eat from a contrasting coloured plate - for instance, use a white plate for a red bolognese or a red plate for a creamy alfredo pasta. This creates what is know as the Delbouf Illusion - the perceived amount of food will be larger on a contrasting coloured plate helping you to eat less.

3) Eat from a smaller plate - this will help you to serve yourself smaller portions.

4) Do Not return for second helpings!

5) Put away leftovers from a meal into separate containers. This way you have pre-prepared meals for the next day.

6) When eating out, order smaller portions or entree sized meals. If you have a dessert, share it with your friend! And DO NOT get sucked in by "meal deals!"

7) Practice MINDFUL eating - sit down for your meal and enjoy each mouthful by focusing on how it tastes, the texture, the smell and colour.

8) Make use of weight management products such as apps, books, online programs and tools. Try these ones out:

9) DRINK WATER - before and during your meal.

10) Most importantly, ENJOY YOUR FOOD, it is not your enemy!

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