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Personal Training

Physical activity shouldn't be a punishment, it should be about honing and caring for your body so that you can move more easily, with less pain and without being out of breath. Being active should be something that feels empowering and even bring you joy!

Strength, Mobility & Fitness!

As a certified Fitness Specialist, I have many tools and options to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. I work with you and your body's capabilities to create a program that you not only feel comfortable with but one which will also be challenging enough to create positive changes.

We use a variety of tools and equipment - from bodyweight, to machines, free weights, suspension straps, fit balls and more. 

I show you how to improve your mobility and range of motion with simple muscle release techniques and stretches so you can get the most out of your exercise program and with minimal discomfort.

You will gain insight in to how your body moves and functions, gain strength, mobility and increased fitness AND never be bored at HEAT PT!

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