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"I came to felicity with lots of old injuries that I never really really recovered from, felicity and a physio helped me recover from them with patience and persistence I'm extremely happy.

Felicity listens to her clients and works with their limitations and strengths."

- Rebecca

"Felicity is all about adjusting moves to the persons physical needs and if they’re unable to do a certain exercise she has alternative exercise to do instead. I would 100% recommend HEAT PT. One of the only gyms I’ve been too where I want to go and I find it enjoyable"

- Chloe

"Would definitely recommend HEAT PT - Felicity's attention to detail with customised training, clean and state of the art equipment, friendliness, sincerity and emotional support go part of the way to confirm her place as a top notch personal trainer. Notwithstanding the fact that her customised gym is also a fun place to enjoy various methods of training, be it with weights, bands, or own body resistance."

- Bridget

"HEAT PT is quite different to other Personal Trainers I have had in the past. There are no restrictions on sharing knowledge on a whole range of topics from nutrition to exercise routines and overall improvements to health. The training is never boring, using a mixture of different equipment and exercises. Its fun and I really love the challenges set each session."

- Dallas

"Felicity is an amazing coach, she actually adjusts exercises to help get a great session everytime without leaving you sore for the whole week. 

I get great advice on exercises, nutrition, stretching and rolling out all my tight muscles."

- Amber

"I would absolutely recommend HEAT PT!

Amazing PT with a lot of qualifications and excellent value for money"

- Emma

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