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Your health should be a main priority but being healthy shouldn't be complicated.

This is also true for healthy nutrition

Healthy Nutrition Made Simple

You know that healthy nutrition is the key to successful weight loss, but it can be very overwhelming knowing where to start. There is so much conflicting information available at the click of a button - how can you know what is correct and what will work for you?


My approach to nutrition involves going back to basics and then making small consistent changes one step at a time. 

Healthy nutrition is about mindful eating, recognising the difference between hunger and appetite, eating whole foods from across all the food groups and staying hydrated.

There are no "bad" foods and "good" foods but there are foods that are more nutritionally dense, and foods that have less nutritional value but more calories.

With a balanced and nutritious eating lifestyle, you should still be able to enjoy these foods in small amounts.

Food is fuel, but it is also to be enjoyed.


Check out some of our recipes here

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