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My name is Felicity and I am the owner and operator of HEAT PT, my home based studio located in the beautiful suburb of Safety Bay.


My career in the fitness industry started over 20 years ago, but the passion was ignited when I was only around 7 years old. Growing up in Kalgoorlie, the only gym was the YMCA. Here you could participate in a number of activities such as squash and tennis, or make use of the gym.  They also had what was to become my one of my favourite physical activities - Aerobics! The obsession began when, at the age of 7, my Aunty Lyn took me along with her to an Aerobics class. Wearing a pair of red, sparkly leggings that my Mum made for me (I wanted to look the part haha), I eagerly accompanied my Auntie and fell in love with it immediately. I must have talked about it quite a lot as even my school teacher had me leading the morning fitness for my class (accompanied by the music of The Police).


I eventually became a qualified Aerobics Instructor whilst at University. Even though I completed my Science degree, teaching Aerobics was my first career "love" and this eventually lead me to a change of career - becoming an Exercise Specialist and running my own studio.


I love to exercise and be physically active. Having ADHD, my mind can become very noisy and overwhelmed. Being physically active helps to bring me a certain calm, and a definite happiness. I ensure that I find the time everyday to move my body, honing and rewarding it with physical activity so that I can stay healthy, move with ease and have the mental energy to be present for my family, friends and for my clients.


This is what I want for my HEAT PT clients too. I want them to find the joy in movement and activity and to not see it as a task that they have to get through.



My Qualifications

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